The brand had an amazing summer. We met people from all different walks of life who are passionate about wake sports, and we are more excited than ever for what's next. We tested new things on our wakesurfs and wakeboards - some worked, some didn't, and we learned a lot from it and from you. Our wakesurf Short became a real crowd pleaser, and we were happy to deliver them throughout France, to Belgium, and the United States all summer long.
Dan (Yacht Wakeboard Club) w. Short
We received feedback from people who love Short, but are maybe a bit too tall, too solidly built for a 4'3" skimstyle wakesurf, or just looking for a different style of ride. From that point, we started working on a new shape to add to the Pure Slo quiver. 
In wanting to take a leap into the surf style category, we thought "hey, why not work with people who handcraft surfboards, just like we do wit h our wakesurfs?" We had heard of some amazing hand shaped boards coming out of Capbreton, so we gave Damien from Chipiron Surfboards a call. We talked about our vision, and what we wanted to do differently. He was all about bringing some pure surf style goodness to your lakes and rivers, and so he set out shaping this first board.
4'9" with a tucked in nose and tail, carbon fiber enforced rails, five FCS II plugs and a leash plug... Damien sent us a missile. Its all black paint job, obliged calling this first one the Mamba. With the help of our friend Dan Duquesnoy, and the Yacht Wakeboard Club just outside of Lyon, we were able to take it out for a late season session. It is fast and reactive like a high-performance surfboard, just in miniature. The shape has something special. Now to perfect it with a few small adjustments and probably a new paint job!